Padinago's trip to Canada in 2012

Day 2 - Montréal, Québec

Today we slept a bit longer and got a bit organized.

We go for breakfast to Egg-Spectation (which was advised to us by the concierge) and had a great breakfast. We will be back!

As it was raining we decided to do some shopping in Montreal. As we saw on the internet that there is an underground city with lots of shops we decide to have a look. It's strange as it is Saturday but not all shops are open and there is hardly anyone to see. In certain walkways we are all alone?!

After a few hours we have enough of it as the underground city's plan does not seem very logic to us and we are just wandering around so we go back outside on the street and walk around on Rue Sainte Catherine. We have a drink in Starbucks and walk around the shopping streets. There we see an Apple-store which we decide to visit.

Later on we see a very special car parked on the street and Nathalie immediately stops... a "Karma", a 4-doors sports car of the brand Fisker which is unknown to us. After some googling it seems to be a hybrid. Very nice, especially the price!

After our walk we go to the store to get some groceries and return to our hotel.

As the weather is bad we decide not to walk all the way back to "The Keg" and have our dinner in the hotel's restaurant. This was very good and the waitress was very nice, she told us that her family was originally from Belgium.

After dinner we go to our room and fall immediately asleep...

Let start with a good breakfast The way to the underground city Our rental, a Chevrolet Travers