Padinago's trip to the USA and Canada in 2011

Day 3 - Mount Rainier National Park

Last night we were not able to turn off the airconditioning in our room so PaNa get up today with a headache.

Just across our hotel there is the "Speciality's Cafe & Bakery" where we go for breakfast. We also take some sandwiches for our lunch during today's trip to "Mount Rainier National Park".

We drive towards "Mount Rainier" and the closer we get the more snow there is (luckily for us the roads are cleared). Our plan is to drive first into "Snoqualmie National Forest" to get a nice view. Once we reach the crossing the road to the forest is closed due to the snow! That is bad luck. We continue our drive to Mount Rainier. While driving through all this snow we have to stop in order to take pictures of the approximately 6m of snow. We see some rangers putting on their ski's as there is an abandoned car parked next to the snow pile. They have to find out what this is...

Before reaching Mount Rainier we stop at "Falls Creek Falls" and "Box Canyon". Beautiful. When we get to "Narada Falls" it is quite busy as it is the only place open to the public where we can have a picnic. The birds almost eat out of our hands.

We continue our drive and slowly we swap the rough mountains covered with snow with sun and higher temperatures.

Around 7pm we get back to the hotel and get ready for our dinner at the "Cheesecake Factory". Again the food was very good. Sofie orders a salad from the appetizers. This seems to be a huge portion. When we ask the waiter if this is an appetizer he is proud to let us know that the salad as a main course is even bigger!

We go back to bed and dream of "Mount Rainier" where it was beautiful...

Daytrip approx. 406 km

Mount Rainier We are ready to start our trip now Our rental, a Chevrolet Suburban @ Narada Falls A Gray Jay A Steller's Jay Gray Jay Our picnic @ Narada Falls