Padinago's trip to the USA and Canada in 2011

Day 2 - A walk in Seattle

A day to recuperate from yesterday...

Today we leave the car in the parking lot and walk around in Seattle. We walk towards the harbor and arrive at a very nice covered market called "Pike Place Market". It is a "Farmers Market" with all kinds of vegetables, fruits and fish nicely disposed. Every stand is worth a picture! We found this market while looking for a place to have breakfast. We asked 3 women on the street if they know a nice place to have breakfast and they sent us to "Lowell's" at Pike Place Market where you have a nice view over the port and "Olympic National Park". It was a nice breakfast but very busy!

After our breakfast and a nice walk on the market we go to the "Space Needle". We arrive at a small park where we enjoy the view before we continue our walk. On our way we pass twice a nice man who is collecting money for 'foster children'. We have a small talk with him and give him money for this project.

Once we arrive at the "Space Needle" we wonder if we should not go up to enjoy the view but then we see the row and decide not to do it...

You see lots of funny persons walking around here as well as several small demonstrations against Israel and the soldiers in the Middle East.

By noon we arrive at the "Cheesecake Factory", we really looked forward to our first cheesecake of this trip... delicious! We immediately book a table for dinner.

After some shopping at the local malls we get back to our hotel around 5pm, have a shower and around 7pm, after a very short walk, we reach the "Cheesecake Factory" for our dinner. Hmmm.... nice pasta! After dinner we walk back to our hotel for our beauty sleep...

A view on Olympic National Park Breakfast @ Lowell's Pike Place Market @ Victor Steinbrueck Park The Space Needle Farmers Market