Padinago's trip to the USA in 2010

Day 17 - Zion NP

At 7.30am we are having breakfast at “The Spotted Dog” where they have a buffet. Nothing special! Before we drive on we go next to our hotel, at the “Cafe Soleil” to buy our lunch.

Around 9am we leave for the “Kolob Reservoir”, the other side of “Zion NP”. We are almost alone on the road and stop at several places to take pictures of this amazing scenery. Here and there you can even see some lava fragments.

At the “Wildcat Canyon” we make a short hike and our 3 cameras are shooting pictures! Just before the reservoir we see a meadow with a bird of prey. Nice to see but difficult to take pictures. We see several bird of prey but we do not know which kind it is... There are more than 288 different kinds here.

We drive around part of the reservoir (impossible to drive all the way around it) and watch the playing birds who are coming close to the water. When we drive back a vulture is flying just above our hood. It was probably sitting next to the road on a branch and was surprised when we passed him. We were also surprised!

We take the exit to “Lava Point Overlook” where we arrive around 12.30pm. We see a nice picnic area where people are just leaving. We have a chat with them and it seems that the husband lived in Borgerhout years ago (this is just where LuSo lives in Belgium)! What a small world... After our picnic we drive towards the main road and to “Kolob Canyon”.

Around 2.45pm we arrive at the Visitor Center. We enter Kolob Canyon and around 3.15pm and after several nice stops, we reach the parking of the “Kolob Canyon Viewpoint”. LuSo remains nearby the car and PaNa have a hike through “Timber Creek Overlook Trail” towards the viewpoint. Everywhere you look it is just breathtaking.

We drive back to Zion NP and take again the shuttle to enjoy the views. We cannot get enough of it...

Around 6.30pm we are back at our hotel and a bit later we have dinner at “Wildcat Willies” where we enjoyed a good meal.

Daytrip approx. 259 km

Near Rockville Kolob Terrace Road Near the Wildcat Canyon Trailhead Lava Point Road Lava Point Overlook Picnic at Lava Point Overlook Kolob Canyons Zion National Park