Padinago's trip to the USA in 2010

Day 16 - From Bryce Canyon to Springdale, Utah and Coral Pink Sand Dunes SP and Zion NP

After breakfast at the “Ruby’s Inn” we leave “Bryce Canyon NP” and drive to our next point, the somewhat less famous “Zion National Park”. On our way we stop at the “Red Canyon” for some pictures.

Around 10.10am we leave our route and look for the “Moqui Cave”. This should be somewhere between Mt Carmel Junction and Kanab. We only see a sign mentioning “Wind Carved Cave” which might be the “Moqui Cave” but the road is closed. We drive back passing the “Kanab Canyon” where we see a large and nice “Pet Cemetery” called “Angels Rest Pet Memorial Park” and close to it “Best Friends Animal Sanctuary”. The surroundings are beautiful and people are very friendly!

Before continuing our route we take the exit to the “Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park”. There we pay 6$ entrance fee and walk to the dunes. As it had rained before, the dunes are not showing their nicest views. We do see that people are driving their buggy’s there. We have a chat with three cyclists and a bit later we leave the dunes. When heading back, about 3km from the entrance of the State Park we see another small parking where you have a view on the dunes. This view is much nicer than the entrance itself! Here we will try to come back when the weather is better...

While driving back we arrive at the Mt Carmel Junction where we see the “Thunderbird Restaurant”. Here we are having a salad. While eating Patrick notices the “Hummingbirds” outside. We are sitting next to the window and just outside there is a feeding bin for these birds. Nice to see!

We drive on and we notice that we are lucky it is Sunday! This highway 9 heading to Zion NP is closed on working days from 9am to 4pm due to constructions! That would have been a problem... But well, it is Sunday and we are lucky. Through a small tunnel, where traffic is taking turns to drive one way, we arrive at “Zion National Park”. We are amazed by its beauty! We walk to the Visitor Center to have a look. As it is only 3.15pm we take the free shuttle through the park which makes several stops (driving in the park by yourself is forbidden).

At the last stop (Temple of Sinawava) we leave the bus and PaNa take a hike to “The Narrows”. The real “Narrows Walk” which Nathalie did years ago is not for today as the water is too high and therefore it is too dangerous. It is quite busy on this footpath but very beautiful.

Around 6pm the bus is back at the Visitor Center, we walk to our car and go to look for our hotel in Springdale, a couple of minutes further on this road. We check-in and prepare ourselves for dinner. We choose to have dinner at the “Switchback Grill”. We have to wait as it is extremely busy but a bit later we have a great dinner and especially the “Key Lime Cheesecake” is delicious...

Around 9.30pm we are back in our hotel and have a good night’s rest...

Daytrip approx. 282 km

Red Canyon Kanab Canyon Coral Pink Sand Dunes @ The Thunderbird Restaurant with Black-chinned Hummingbirds Bizons near the road to Zion NP Zion National Park @ The Visitor Center Walk to the Narrows