Padinago's trip to Canada in 2009

Day 21 - From Vancouver to... Belgium

Before checking out we go out for breakfast. As we need to be served a bit faster, we go to Starbucks. Indeed, this goes faster. We walk to the RCMP’s gift shop which is open. We look around and Nathalie sees a beautiful red sweater. At the cash desk they have problems with electronic payments. After trying several times and after the girl called the helpdesk twice it sounds... cash only! But of course, we do not have this in cash anymore. We tell her we go back to the hotel, get some cash and come back. She will put the sweater aside and we continue our walk and take some pictures of the Saunders Steam clock (1977) in Gas town. We walk on and end in a cowboy store (Boulet) with all kinds of boots, belts and hats. The owner is a real cowboy who is very nice. Lucien buys a very nice handmade leather belt. A bit later we walk to the hotel and check out. At the front desk we ask if they can charge 100 CAD on our credit card but their answer is very short… NO. Nathalie goes out to look for an ATM and gets some cash. Around noon we leave the hotel and go back, with 100 CAD in cash, to the gift shop and pay the sweater. Finally… we made it…. Then we drive to Vancouver International Airport on Sea Island. We enter the Alamo parking lot and return our car that drove us everywhere for 3 weeks. We return the GPS and tell them about our problems with it. The nice man tells us to go to the Alamo desk and explain it so they might do something about the costs. There they write a note that we have to hand over at our travel agency (some weeks later we receive a check for free use of a GPS which is valid for only 6 months. Well, we will not be able to use this but they did their best). We take our luggage and check in. Then we walk around and have something to eat in a kind of burger place, as the choice is quite limited. We decide to pass the customs and install ourselves at the gate. Then we take turns to walk around in the shops and get some drinks before getting on the plan towards London. The flight goes smoothly, as well as the flight to Zaventem, where a taxi awaits us…

Daytrip approx. 14 km

Sofie and Nathalie at Canada Place Lucien (on the right) in the RCMP’s gift shop Saunders' steamclock in Gastown Our flight back home... This is the end...