Padinago's trip to Canada in 2009

Day 20 - A drive in Vancouver

Today we take it slow and go to the “Park Royal Shopping Centre” in West Vancouver. First we have breakfast at a small place, Joyeaux Cafe & Restaurant, where we passed yesterday. Chinese people who are very friendly own this. There are some other British guests here for breakfast. We order but we have to wait a very long time before we even get something to drink. We wait even longer until we get our food…
Afterwards we drive to West Vancouver to the shopping centre. Inside Patrick sees a photography shop (Lens & Shutter) and enters. He wants to get back home with a complete photo bag and not without his lens hood which now lies somewhere in Medicine Lake. Not a lot of hope but if he finds it, it will be cheaper than at home due to the interesting course of the CAD.   The salesman takes his large cover, starts looking, opens a drawer and yes, there is the famous lens hood. This seems to be quite expensive (56 CAD) but if you deduct 33% you get the price in Euro’s. This is ok and he buys it. LuSo sees a Swarovski shop and looks for a cat for the grandchildren. They find one and this cat is now called “Swa”…

After about 4h at the shopping centre, we drive back to Stanley Park in order to walk on the other side.  We park the car at Prospect Point where we can see the Lions Gate Bridge. After a nice walk of about 2h we leave the park and drive back to Vancouver. On our way we drop of Lucien at Robson street so he can visit the book stores. The rest of us drive on to Chinatown. There we stop at the Millennium Gate that symbolizes the past and future and we take a picture of it. Chinatown in Vancouver, also called Hongcouver, is after San Francisco the largest Chinese neighborhood in North America. We drive on to the Science World where we park the car. When Patrick wants to get out to buy a parking ticket a kind of homeless person starts talking to him. He has a parking place for us for half the price. Patrick tries to get rid of him so he gets the spot for even less the price. This guy walks around the whole day and asks tickets to persons who were parked. These tickets are valid for a certain time and he sells them for less money to other people. As we do not trust this, the ladies remain in the car and Patrick goes to have a look. After about 10 minutes he is back and we return to the hotel. We did not see this guy anymore. We meet Lucien at the hotel and prepare for our last dinner in Canada…in Howe Street we see a Cookworks, which we enter. Then we go back to the Keg Caesars and we doubt about taking the lobster again. Finally we decide to have a nice steak and good desert and after dinner we stay and remember the trip and make arrangements for checking out the next day. After dinner we go for a short walk and LuSo goes back to the hotel to pack and go to sleep. PaNa decides to walk around a bit longer. We go to the port and walk towards the steam clock. Suddenly under the Pricewaterhousecoopers Place, we see a “Mounted Police Post”, a gift shop of the RCMP but it is closed. We decide to come back tomorrow after breakfast as we have some time before heading to the airport. With a sad atmosphere as the trip is over, we return to our hotel to pack and go to sleep.

Daytrip approx. 13 km

The Lions Gate Bridge from Prospect Point Stanley Park Harbor Centre The Lions Gate Bridge Chinatown (Hongcouver), Millenium Gate