Padinago's trip to the USA in 2008

Day 2 - A trip to the Outlets at Castle Rock, CO

After a good night’s rest we drive downtown Denver in order to discover the city.

It is a beautiful and sunny day, we park the car and decide to walk a bit and look for a place to have a nice breakfast. As the ‘locals’ know the best addresses I decide to ask two man working on the street lighting. They send us about 50m further to a very cosy place called “The Market” where you can get a great breakfast, cakes and delicious hot chocolates!

There we get into a conversation with a local retired man, Jerry, who was mostly only interested in women…

He gives us some usefull tips about markets, shopping malls… which we follow up. Jerry is very much impressed with the trip we planned and would really like to come with us as our guide…

After a nice breakfast, pleasant conversations we leave again.

On our way to the car we see a real American policeman on his bike who loves to pose for the picture.

We get into the car and leave the center heading for the suburbs where the high society of Denver lives and visit a local market. There we meet a man, originally from Holland but he moved to Denver about 20 years ago and grows flowers and sells them. He was already completely adjusted to the local lifestyle, no more European features to see especially when it comes to his volume… We notice that people there are very friendly, everybody talks with us and gives us advice about things to see. We walk a bit in the park and through the exclusive residential neighbourhood.
Next we drive to the south to the “Prime Outlets at Castle Rock” where we need a few hours in order to see all the shops. Patrick sees his favourite brand and I can not stop him…

Afterwards we drive to the “Cherry Creek Shopping Center” to buy our cool boxes and some food and drinks for the trip.

After a beautiful first day we return in the evening to the hotel to have dinner and go to sleep on time as the following day the real trip will start.

Daytrip approx. 50 km

Jerry, at The Market A nice policeman