Padinago's trip to the USA in 2008

Day 1 - Arrival in Denver, CO

Finally, the day has come on which we leave for the US!

At 6 am the taxi picks us up and half an hour later we arrive at Zaventem Airport (Brussels).

The flight to Atlanta Int. (Georgia) takes about 10 hours and there we will have to take another flight to Denver (Colorado) which will take a little bit more than 3 hours.

After a long day and a huge jetlag we finally arrive in Denver (Colorado). Everything goes smoothly and when coming out of the airport the shuttle bus is awaiting us to bring us to the Alamo Car Rental where we will pick up our rental car which we booked in advance from Belgium.

After a nice talk with the lady at Alamo's front desk, we decide to take an upgrade to a 4x4 – a Chevrolet Equinox Sport – as last week, in certain areas, there has been a lot of snow. Later this will turn out to be a good decision!

After a bit of research with the GPS we finally leave with our Chevrolet 4x4, which appears to be a fantastic car when we will be driving later on through the mountains which were sometimes covered with a lot of snow.

Daytrip approx. 40 km

Waiting for our connection from Atlanta to Denver Our rental car, a Chevrolet Equinox Sport Our hotel Red Lion