Padinago's trip to Norway in 2016

Day 14 - Driving to Alesund

Today we have time as it is a rather short drive to Ålesund.
Breakfast at 8am and about an hour later we leave Hjelle. We have an amazing blue sky and the sun is shining!
We drive to Festøya and stop at a few places to take pictures. In Festøya we take the ferry to Solavågen which takes about 20min.
Then we drive straight to Ålesund and drive over the bridge Brogata all the way to the bonfire (on Slinningsholmen) which they are still building for the 23rd June to celebrate the longest day, summer solstice.
On the 23rd some people climb up this tower made of wooden pallets and one will lit it and climb back down very fast. It will burn for about 6hrs, then they party whole night... We will (luckily) be gone by then.
We drive to the hotel and check in, park our car and go for a walk around the city and get some information at the tourist center. As we might get rain tomorrow we decide to take a tour on the 'hop on hop off'.
We walk further and see a bus and ask the driver if we can not buy tickets on the bus tomorrow. He tells us that they are not working tomorrow because they only work when the cruise boats are here. We do have the enormous Queen Elisabeth tonight but it leaves by tomorrow... So the other tourists have no luck?! We will see tomorrow as their brochure says they work every day... All depends of the weather.
We try to find a real seafood restaurant but it seems to be quite limited, we wanted fresh fish or king crab but here they love the bacalau and we don't...
As we are tired we decide to go to the hotel, shower and have dinner there. First we have an excellent lobster soup and then fresh cod followed by cheesecake for Patrick and rhubarb soup for Nathalie. It was all delicious!

View on Stenesvika View on Eiksundet Barstadvik The ferry 'Festøya-Solavågen' The view on the ferry A nice lady on the ferry... View from Slingen on Ålesund kirke and Ålesund menighet View from Slingen on Ålesund The bonfire-tower on Slinningsholmen View on Borgundfjorden The bonfire-tower on Slinningsholmen Ålesund Nathalie in Slinningen View on Godøya The view from Storhaugen at Molja Fyr. The lighthouse now contains a comfortable and brand new hotel room, accessible through the Hotel Brosundet. The bridge between Giske and Skjongholmen On Storhaugen The view from Storhaugen at Nørvøya Ålesund Ålesund Ålesund Sjøbua restaurant Ålesund Ålesund