Padinago's trip to Norway in 2016

Day 08 - Bergen (Sognefjord)

Today we decide to have an early breakfast as we will drive up to the Sognefjord.
We are downstairs around 7am for our breakfast and around 9am we leave Bergen. We drive through some beautiful little villages along the water. It is difficult to stop at some places for pictures as the roads are very narrow...
We drive all the way up till Svartemyr and then back to the other side all the way till Bålen and then back to Bergen. What a beautiful area to drive and especially when you are accompanied by a warm sun.
Around 4pm we are back at the hotel where we have a refreshing drink and then we have a last walk in the center of Bergen.
By 6pm we are back at our hotel, have a shower and get ready for dinner at the Enhjørningen where the night before we asked if they could prepare some king crab for us as it is not on the menu... and they will so we look forward to it.
Indeed they have, especialy for us, a delicious plate with king crab! And we payed even less than yesterday at lunch!
'Tusen takk'!
We had a great time in Bergen. We had a little bit of rain on our first day, but then sun for our entire stay...
Ha det så lenge!

A view at Oppdal I have seen her before... ;-) A view on Vadheim Brekke Kyrkje At Brekkestranda Near Brekkestranda Takle Beautiful house near Kolavika Vike Kyrkje Vikanes The bridge between Vikanes and Vikaholmen Nathalie on the bridge Nice busstop near Naustvika Sjøfartsmonumentet (Sailor's monument) The stairs to Johanneskirken (Vestre Torggaten) At the corner of Rosenbergsgaten and Vestre Torggaten At skottegaten Zachariasbryggen At Bryggen Again at the Enhjørningen restaurant;-) Our delicious King crab!!!