Padinago's trip to Canada in 2015

Day 04 - Ferry to Port aux Basques, Newfoundland

Today we have breakfast at the hotel and a little bit earlier then usually because we have to be on time for the ferry (2 hours in advance).

Around 9.15am we arrive at the North Sydney Ferry Terminal and are well on schedule. Now we just have to wait till we can board the ferry.

We are signaled to drive to the booth and show our voucher. They do not immediately find our reservation number and we are slightly panicked (remembering last year’s story with the rental car). But, here they are smarter and by searching a bit longer they do find our details. The friendly lady writes down this number for us in case we would need it to get on the ferry on our way back. That was very friendly and smart! We board the ferry and look for a nice place to sit and relax.

Around 11.45am the ferry leaves with a loud sound of the horn. After half an hour we already see a minky whale and a bit later two seals. We are very focussed now. We also see lots of gannets flying (Jan van Genten for the Belgians and Dutch amongst us). We cannot take pictures because the weather became very bad and it is raining the whole time. This is a long trip!

Just before arriving at Channel Port aux Basques we see a small whale but we cannot see what kind.

Once we arrive everybody returns to their cars and leave the ferry, we finally reached Newfoundland. We have to drive about 5 minutes (4km) to reach our B&B. The B&B is so small the we first pass it… We drive back and drive up the small parking space next to it. We notice that it is less then 50m away from the ferry.

We check in and have a look at our rooms. OMG, they are so small (especially the beds) and there is hardly any space for our luggage without falling over it. OK, we had no choice because when we booked this trip there was a flue epidemic in Belgium and there was not enough staff to finalize our reservations and by the time someone did, the only hotel here was fully booked! No hard feelings to Jetair, it wasn’t their fault.

We look for a place to have dinner and arrive at the Seashore Restaurant in Margaree. We order fish & chips and they ask us if we want 1, 2 or 3 pieces. Well, we are quite hungry so we order 2 pieces each. A bit later our dishes arrive with one of the best fish & chips we ever had but we are glad we ‘only’ took 2 pieces because for us they are huge!

Around 9pm we drive back to our hotel, sorry, B&B. Fortunately there is just enough daylight in order to avoid the holes in the road. It is hard to admit but the roads are even worse here than at home!

Once we are back at the B&B we relax a bit in the living room and have a chat with other guests, a couple from the Netherlands and another one from Alberta, Canada. Around 10pm we go to bed (or at least we try to get some sleep…)

Daytrip approx. 54 km

Waiting to board our ferry... North Sydney Harbour, Nova Scotia A long trip on the ferry Fish and Chips at Margaree, Newfoundland Let me show you that from upclose... ;-)