Padinago's trip to the USA in 2014

Day 13 - Yellowstone NP and Grand Teton NP

(Due to a problem with Google Maps - there is no more connection between Old Faithful and West Thumb - the trip takes about 14 hours... I hope they will fix this soon!)

After our breakfast at the hotel we drive to the south of Yellowstone towards Grand Teton. Again, the weather is not good and it already starts snowing but this results in some idyllic views and we enjoy it.

Just when we leave Yellowstone, we cross the Snake River and something catches Patrick's attention and he turns back. Curious as we are, we want to know what he saw... He spots 2 otters in the Snake River. We never saw this before, very cute and playful, jumping in and out of the water.

We drive on and stop at all possible places where we can enjoy and 'shoot' the Grand Tetons, Nathalie goes almost crazy of seeing them again, she loves it!

We drive back and hear, that on the road between Cody and Yellowstone you now need snowtires! So we are kind of lucky that we have been able to drive there a few days ago without any problems.

Once back in Yellowstone-West we first go for some shopping and inform there for another good restaurant, they advice us the Three Bears.

We go to the hotel, have a shower and drive to the Three Bears. It takes a very long time before we get our food, something must have gone wrong with our order but finally we enjoy a nice Elk steak and a bottle of Zinfandel.

After dinner we go back to our hotel and have a good sleep.

Daytrip approx. 375 km

Cascades of the Firehole (Madison) A deer not far from the Cascades of the Firehole Driving towards West Thumb Junction and it's starting to snow... Yep, it is! ;-) (Duck Lake) Beautiful driving in the snow (near Lewis Lake) I spy with my little eye... A playful otter! (Snake River between Yellowstone and Grand Teton) And he's here with a friend! North of Jackson Lake (Grand Teton NP)Owl Peak and Ranger Peak (Grand Teton NP) Nice pose... ;-) It's snowing again on the John D. Rockefeller Jr. Parkway Again a beautiful view on Leeks Marina (Jackson Lake)Grand Tetons Grand TetonsGrand Tetons (near Pilgrim Creek)Lewis Falls (near Lewis Lake) South Entrance Rd between Lewis Lake and West Thumb View over West Thumb A nice picnic spot on Bridge Creek ;-) A meadow by Lake Village Bison close-up near Storm Point Bisons near Storm PointView over Indian Pond WARNING: Due to bear danger area beyond this sign CLOSED to all travel! (near Indian Pond) Hayden Valley