Padinago's trip to the USA in 2014

Day 11 - Yellowstone NP

After breakfast we get some fuel and groceries for our lunch and we drive into the park with a beautiful sun accompanying us. First we go straight to the Firehole Drive, just passed the Grand Prismatic Spring in order to get some pictures from the view from the hill down over the Grand Prismatic.

It is a walk of about 1km until the point indicated on the GPS. Then it is a short but heavy climb, crawling over dead trees and fighting with the mosquito's but once you are on the top of the hill you get this fantastic view of the spring. We hurry to take pictures because of the mosquito's, by then the sun already disappeared behind the clouds and we do not get the nice colours we had hoped. We walk back down and just when we are back into the car and ready to leave, it starts to rain. We drive on and pass the Old Faithfull, West Thumb and drive upwards. We get some heavy rain and then snow.

A bit later it stops raining and snowing and just before we reach the café at Tower we see the bear with two cubs, one black and one brown which we saw yesterday. So cute!

We then drive through the Lamar Valley and back to Tower where we see another black bear. We take the short cut through Norris and get back to the hotel. By then Patrick gets his famous allergic reaction to mosquito bites (big bumps especially a huge one on his forehead) so he takes his medication.

At 7pm we are at the Outpost restaurant where we finally meet David and Donna. It's a great evening and we enjoy seeing each other again after 6 years!!! We have met them on our trip to Natural Bridges NM, Utah in 2008. After dinner we decide one evening is too short so we will meet again tomorrow, same time, same place... We say goodbye and all go back to our hotel to sleep.

Daytrip approx. 315 km

Bald Eagle on the other side of the Madison River The Firehole River Grand Prismatic Spring Grand Prismatic Spring Yep, she loves a Camaro Convertible... ;-) A deer near Canyon Village Near Mt Washburn The cubs are here again (same spot as yesterday) Isn't it a cutie... On the left side, behind the tree, is mama bear wathing her offspring An osprey, just below it's nest, with a fish from Slough Creek (Lamar River) A Pronghorn wandering through the sagebrush Across the Lamar River is the Lamar Valley in front of Specimen Ridge Bison near the road on the NE Entrance Rd The Lamar Valley, the place to see wolves... Druid Peak, it was the home of the Druid Wolf Pack Run Forrest, run! A black bear near Cresent Hill Nathalie and Donna (last seen in 2008) in the Outpost Restaurant (Friends forever) Nathalie and David (last seen in 2008) in the Outpost Restaurant (Friends forever)