Padinago's trip to the USA in 2014

Day 9 - Chief Joseph Scenic Hwy

Today we wake up early and go across the street at the Sunset House for breakfast. Last night, our waitress told us they serve buttermilk pancakes there. Indeed, they have the real American pancakes. During breakfast we ask our waitress if they make sandwiches to go and she will check that out for us. She returns and confirms that they can do that for us so we give her our order for lunch which means we save time because we do not have to go to the store for groceries.

Around 9am we are on our way to the Chief Joseph Scenic route. The drive is amazing! There are some clouds coming our way and we get a few drops of rain but the higher we get the rain is replaced by snow. Still, it is a beautiful region. You can perfectly see where in the mountains it's raining/snowing.

We even see snowboarders having fun in the snow. There are many beautiful overlooks. Sadly, not everybody driving on this road is interested in nature's beauty and they are really driving very close to us and at certain moments it is extremely difficult and dangerous to stop at the overlooks.

Again, Nathalie is our 'spotter' and she sees a moose twice. The second is even with a calf, that's really beautiful! At a certain moment we see some cars along the road where there is no parking spot... what did they see? It's a grizzly walking along the shoulder and crossing the road behind us. Great! But, even now, we see some people taking risks to shoot pictures of the grizzly from a really short distance... Please be safe at all times and keep your distance!

We drive on to the west until the Northeast entrance of Yellowstone and then turn back. We then drive on to the east up to the Red Lodge and then through the valley back to Cody. It was a beautiful day despite of the tiny amounts of rain and snow.

After our shower we go back for dinner at the hotel's restaurant and have a New York steak and a bottle of Zinfandel. Yummie!

Tomorrow we drive to West-Yellowstone where we will stay for a while. Sadly enough the weather will not spoil us with lots of sun, but we will get rain and snow. The weather should only get better by the time we leave Yellowstone. Let's wait and see. :-(

Daytrip approx. 341 km

View from Dead Indian Hill Rd View from Dead Indian Pass View from Dead Indian Pass Help, I'm attacked by a giant... Golden mantled ground squirrel. ;-) View from Dead Indian Pass View from Dead Indian Pass View from Grandall Rd View from Grandall Rd View from Grandall Rd View from Grandall Rd View on Bear Tooth Pass Hwy View on Bear Tooth It's snowing on the Bear Tooth Pass Hwy Grizzly near the Crazy Creek Cascades on the Bear Tooth Pass Hwy Always drive carefully! Moose near Pilot Creek on Bear Tooth Pass Hwy And she even has a calf! Yep, Bear Tooth Pass Hwy! Go and see for yourself! ;-) Bear Tooth Pass Hwy Bear Tooth Pass Hwy Marmot near Twin Lakes View on Twin Lakes Golden mantled ground squirel at Rock Creek Vista Point Washoe Ghost Town