Padinago's trip to the USA in 2014

Day 7 - Badlands NP

Again, we slept very well and we now finally start recuperating from the exhaustion and stress of the first days with the rental car. Luckily!

We take our breakfast at the hotel which is an excellent buffet and see that they also sell sandwiches and salads to go so we take some with us for our lunch later on.

We start our drive to the Badlands National Park which is about one hour drive. Finally we get to see the Badlands! On our first trip in 2008 we had no time for this as it was too far so now we planned this visit in advance and we do not regret it. The weather is fantastic, the entire day full of sun and this park is an absolute beauty! Impressive and pretty. In the far distance we see some bisons and just next to the road lots of prairie dogs playing.
We enter the park at Wall (Pinnacle entrance) and first we drive to the west on a dirt road. Then we drive back to the east up to the Northeast entrance.

At one of the many viewpoints we meet a nice young couple with two little children from the Tsjeck Republic visiting the park. Later on we will see them again in Grand Teton... what a small world...

At Bigfoot Pass overlook we have lunch and enjoy the nice sandwiches we bought this morning.

Once we reach the Northeast entrance we turn back and drive again through the park in the opposite direction passing through Wall. This is one of the most beautiful parks we have seen so far!

Around 6pm we are back at the hotel for a refreshing shower, a glass of nice Zinfandel and a great dinner. While having dinner we see a mule deer just walking by the window... how funny!

Tomorrow we will get up early as we go to Cody which is about 630km to drive.

Daytrip approx. 301 km

We finally See the Badlands! (Sage Creek Basin Overlook) Prairie Dogs are playing in the field (Prairie Dog Town) A beautiful Western Meadowlark! (Rim Rd) Badlands National Park (Rim Rd) Hay Butte Overlook Hay Butte Overlook Hay Butte Overlook Pinnacles Pinnacles Pinnacles Overlook The Bighorn Sheep jumps from one steap rock to the other... Yellow Mounds Area Yellow Mounds Area How much sh*t can one bird produce? ;-) (Near Conata) Conata Basin Overlook Homestead Overlook Burns Basin Overlook Panorama Point Panorama Point Voltures flying around looking for food (Panorama Point) Castle Peep! Now you see me, now you don't... (Near Visitor Center)