Padinago's trip to the USA in 2014

Day 5 - Rocky Mountains NP

After a terrible night because of the noise from all the bikers stopping and accelerating at the traffic light just in front of our hotel room, we hardly get any sleep and already wake up at 5am and are again very tired.

We ask at the front desk to give us an other room and they will see what they can do. In the meantime we drive to the E'gg and I' and have a great breakfast. We were here already during our trip in 2008.

We drive back to the hotel to inform about the room and they let us know we can change the room. We do have to pack our luggage now, give it to them in storage and when we get back from our excursion we will get the new room. That's what we do!

We then drive to the Safeway for some small groceries and fuel and then we drive to the Rocky Mountains National Park.

Once we pass Loveland, we get into a traffic jam because of the road constructions. A bit later we drive through Estes Park and reach the park's entrance. Our park pass (from last year) is still valid and we enter the park.

The weather is beautiful and we enjoy the amazing nature. The pass is open and we can now drive further than in 2008. But while getting higher and higher we get into a snow storm! In spite of the snow it is a beautiful day and around 4pm we return to the hotel. There we get our other room which is much more quiet!

After a good shower we open a nice bottle of Zinfandel at the hotel's restaurant. There is no Filet Mignon tonight so we have the Wyoming Sirloin which is also excellent.

Hoping to have a quiet night we go to sleep early as we are exhausted.

Daytrip approx. 395 km

Overlook on Fall River Rd Oh deer... ;-) Hidden Valley An Elk (Wapiti) herd seen from Sheep Lakes Overlook Trail at Beaver Ponds An Elk with a collar Many Park Curve Overlook Many Park Curve Overlook Guess who! A Steller's Jay at Rainbow Curve Rainbow Curve Overlook Rainbow Curve Overlook A Clark's Nutcracker at Rainbow Curve Overlook Along Trail Ridge And, it starts to... Yep, it's snowing! ;-) Gore Range Poudre Lake Fareview Curve Overlook A Bull Elk near Bear Lake Rd