Padinago's trip to the USA in 2014

Day 4 - Driving to Cheyenne, Wyoming

We have a our last breakfast at this hotel and check out. We drive to the Safeway to get something for lunch and buy some fuel and then we drive to Cheyenne. We take the highway and stop at the Outlets at Castle Rock and of course there we see a big Converse store! Of course new all-stars are bought...

We continue our drive after some shopping and get stuck in the heavy traffic of Denver. On our way we see lots of pronghorns.

Once we arrive in Cheyenne in the late afternoon, we check in at the hotel and have a quick look at the 'Wrangler' and buy two nice pair of jeans for Nathalie.

We have a refreshing shower and have dinner at the hotel's restaurant. This was very good, especially the filet mignon with the very special Zinfandel '7 Deadly Zins'! After dinner we go to sleep and switch on the alarm for tomorrow because then the Rocky Mountains are on the menu!

Daytrip approx. 542 km

View from Main Street, Blanca on Blanca Peak View from Hwy 160, near Fort Garland A very good Zinfandel: 7 Deadly Zins... You have to read the label on the back of the bottle! ;-)