Padinago's trip to the USA in 2013

Day 13 - Mariposa Grove and Yosemite National Park

As we want to be in Yosemithe Village before the crowd, we get up early this morning and drive to the famous Yosemite Chapel for nice pictures. We are lucky, we are all alone as it is not even 8am.

We drive down the 'loop' and see several deer. Then we continue to the Tunnel View but we will come back later today as it is still early and there is some fog.

We continue our drive to Glacier Point, this is a breathtaking view of the mountains and Yosemithe valley. Foxnews is there, they are filming and we are on it!

Then further on to Mariposa Grove. It is getting quite busy here. We have to park our car a bit further on and take the free shuttle to the Grove. There we do a heavy hike to see the giant Sequoia's, also here we see a deer as we are now all alone! It is very hot and not many people go out for hikes. Then we take a shuttle back to our car and drive again to Glacier Point to enjoy the view with the beautiful afternoon sun.

On our way up we see, just next to the road, a coyote and we are able to take some amazing pictures. Further on we reach the top and have an even nicer view than in the morning. We then drive back to Tunnel View and again we see the coyote and are able to take some more pictures.

The view at the Tunnel View is just amazing! You get very silent seeing this... Then to Bridal Veil Falls. A short but quite heavy walk to the bottom of the falls, beautiful with the evening sun!

We drive back to the hotel, on our way back we stop for some nice pictures with the evening sun over the mountains... breathtaking! Once at the hotel we enjoy a nice shower after a long and very hot day and go for dinner back to the River Restaurant where we have again a nice dinner with nice Zinfandel wine!


Daytrip approx. 193 km

@ Yosemite Valley Chapel El Capitan @ Glacier Point A bear trap @ Mariposa Grove Coyote near Glacier Point Then, a little fire... Half Dome @ Tunnel View