Padinago's trip to the USA in 2013

Day 10 - Bodie State Historical Park

Today we have breakfast at Heidi's, very good. Then we drive to Bodie, just above Mono Lake. Now a ghost town, once a goldmining village with about 10000 people with no less than 60 saloons and its own Chinatown!

We drive through the Toiyabe National Forest and see in the meadow a hawk. We stop and take pictures. We drive on through beautiful and rough landscapes and after about 2 hrs we reach the amazing Bodie Historic State Park (the last half hour of the drive was about 21 kms over dirt road but it is worth it!).

Once we arrive, we park our car and put on some good sun lotion as it is extremely hot and barely no shade. We walk around the town, a paradise for urbex photography! (We can not post all our pictures from Bodie on our website, but after finishing the entire report of this holiday we will put lots of other pictures on our 500-px site. People connected to our website will get a message through Facebook once this is finished).

After walking around for about 3 hrs we are really tired and had enough sun so we return to Lake Tahoe. A good shower and we go back for dinner at the Brewery where again, it is very good. After dinner we are so tired and return to our room to go to sleep.

Daytrip approx. 333 km

A beautiful hawk near the road @ Bodie. And yes, it's hot here! The road to Bodie