Padinago's trip to the USA in 2013

Day 9 - From Chester to Lake Tahoe, California

Today we leave Chester but first we take a look at the lake for pelicans, but we see only one lonely pelican.

We drive on through the Plumas National Forest and stop at Indian Falls and walk down to the falls, beautiful but a heavy hike up on the way back. Then we drive on to Tahoe National Forest and after about 1,5 hrs we reach Lake Tahoe North. We have to be at the southside so we drive on next to the lake and stop at several places to enjoy this beautiful view.

We check in at our hotel which apparently has changed name very recently but luckily for us Nathalie recognised it from Google earth. Then we walk to the pier and the town and enjoy the nice and cozy atmosphere and the fantastic weather.

We then see a restaurant called The Brewery and go to check it out. As it is now already 6pm we decide to stay there and have dinner which was fabulous (also the Margarita!). At the table next to us sits a young Belgian couple (Tom & Cathy from Herenthout) who apprently also enjoy this beautiful and pleasant country. After chatting with them for a while, they hear that we are very much interested in 'urbex' so they advise us to visit Bodie, a long time abandonned mining city that became a Historic Park so we are seriously thinking about doing that tomorrow instead of staying around the lake.

After a nice dinner and talk we return to our hotel which is just at the beach where we go for a little walk and enjoy the beautiful sunset on Lake Tahoe. We go back to our room for a good shower and go to sleep.

Daytrip approx. 255 km

White pelican @ Lake Almanor @ Indian Falls @ Lake Tahoe @ the beach behind our hotel The Blues Brothers Margarita time! Buffalo burger time!