Padinago's trip to the USA in 2013

Day 4 - From San Francisco to Eureka, California

Today we leave around 8am. It is nice weather and very quiet so we first drive to Lombard street where we are almost alone and then to the Painted Ladies (the famous Victorian houses) where we are all alone so we can take our time to shoot some nice pictures. We drive on and stop at the Fine Art Museum and walk in the beautiful garden where Nathalie is witness to a murder... a duck chick (the last duck chick around) is attacked by a huge seagull and it eats it...terrible!

Then we drive to Point Cabrillo Lighthouse which we reach after a drive of 2,5 hours partly through the beautiful wine country 'Sonoma Valley'. Here we start to feel the famous Californian summer, it's getting very hot by now. A short hike to the lighthouse and there we have an amazing view of the coast and we go for a walk through the fantastic nature. We see eagles, falcons and even a seal swimming in the bay.

We drive on to Eureka but on our way we stop often in order to enjoy the fantastic coastline. We drive through mountains and hours of hairpins... there seems to be no end. After 3,5 hours we arrive in Eureka, we have a quick dinner at Kristina's, then a shower and go to sleep. What a beautiful day!

Daytrip approx. 485 km

@ the most crookedest street in the world: Lombard Street the streets of San Francisco @ The Painted Ladies Little duck @ the pond around the Museum of Fine Arts Little duck... @ the Sonoma Valley @ Van Damme Beach @ Point Cabrillo Lighthouse