Padinago's trip to the USA in 2013

Day 3 - A drive in San Francisco, California

Today we get up early and around 8am we are at Safeway's for our first groceries and a bit later we drive (over the bridge) to Sausalito where we do several stops to admire the view of the Golden Gate bridge. We also drive to Hendrik Point where you can see the bridge from a different angle. Then we drive on to Muir beach overlook and Point Reyes with a great view of the coast and the lighthouse. We drive the whole time on the famous Coastal Highway 1 and suddenly we see just next to the road many vultures. We get out to take some pictures, aparently there's a carcass of a deer which explains why there are so many vultures.

Then we continue our drive along the coast which is famous for the elephant seals... we can see them but most of all we can hear them very well, a strange sound! Then back to our hotel and on our way we see two skunks. In the hotel we take a good shower and go for dinner to Scoma's which was advised to us by our hop on hop off guide yesterday. It is very busy and we have to wait for an hour so in the meantime we have margarita's at the bar. As an appetizer we share a plate with calamares, scampi's and crab cakes and as a main course we each take their famous and delicious fresh halibut... a local speciality... fantastic!!! Then we walk a little bit and get back to our hotel for a good night's sleep.

Daytrip approx. 189 km

@ The Golden Gate Bridge Houseboats The road near Bolinas Lagoon @ Point Reyes Lighthouse @ Elephant Seal Overlook A skunk