Padinago's trip to the USA in 2013

Day 1 - Arrival in San Francisco, California

Transportation to the airport is right on time. The taxi picks up two other people on different addresses and then we leave for Zaventem airport. At the check-in we see that luggage is indeed max. 23kg and handluggage even 10kg! What will it be on the domestic flight NY to SF... The security goes well, after enjoying an expensive breakfast we go to our gate. We finally take of with half an hour delay.

The flight with SN is very pleasant, lots of space for the legs and very nice staff. After landing in NY we taxi to our gate, it will probably be much busier to catch our next flight... Indeed. The people with a connection to LA and SF must go to the "fast connection desc" in order to get into this priority lane. From there on it is hell! We are told that we will have to run to get our flight... we still have to get our luggage and check it in again, then to customs... Then the airtrain to the other side of the airport and finally... we are there, just in time!

After a flight of 6 hrs we land in San Francisco, we are happy as it was a long day! We pick up our car at Alamo (We choose the Jeep Patriot because it had the biggest trunk where our travel bags can be placed side by side) and instal the iPhone with TomTom USA/Canada at the windscreen and at 8.30pm local time (5.30am Belgium time) we arrive at our first hotel. We take a shower and go for dinner at Pescatore (just next to our hotel)... we take the famous crab cakes... delicious! After being awake for 25 hrs we finally go to bed and fall asleep immediately.

Daytrip approx. 26 km

Our rental, Jeep Patriot