Padinago's trip to Canada in 2012

Day 23 - From Halifax to... Belgium

Today we fly back home but first we go to Cora's for breakfast, again, it is very good!

We then check out of the hotel and drive to Point Pleasant Park. We drive through Pleasant Drive with huge mansions. We get out for a walk in the park but there are mosquito's so we run back to the car.

We drive around a bit and then to the airport. On the road we see several road kills and most of them are raccoons but then Nathalie spots a living animal, a little deer enjoying the grass next to the highway. It looks at us and is probably happy that 'les Belges' are leaving... funny!

At the airport we look for the Alamo parking and return our car without any problems. We ask the lady if we can have a quick look at the trunk of a Ford Mustang because next year we would like to go to the West Coast of the USA with a Mustang Convertible. The trunk looks ok but then another guy comes to us and tells us that a convertible has a smaller trunk, about 20cm lower and this might be a problem for our luggage. We will have to think about that next year...

We get our tickets and ask to sit together (for the domestic flight we were not seated together). The very nice man is able to change this for us and put us together. We leave our bags which we will have to pick up back at home at Zaventem airport.

We pass security without problems. As we are still early (for once) we have a caffé latte at Starbucks and a bit later a lunch before getting on the plane...

Both flights went well and the next day, Sunday around 9.30am Belgian time we are back in Brussels where we have to wait quite a while for our luggage but finally we get them and we go back home.

Daytrip approx. 40 km

Our last breakfast for this trip... On the plane home...