Padinago's trip to Canada in 2012

Day 22 - A walk in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Today we wake up a bit later. It is rainy!

We walk to Cora's which was also advised to us by the hotel's concierge but quite a walk up the Citadel's hill and have a fantastic breakfast. We will come back tomorrow...

We walk around the shops and go to the public garden. It is so nice and clean. People are not allowed to smoke in the park and they respect it!

Later on in the afternoon we walk back to the waterfront, have a drink at the Starbucks and then to our hotel and start packing as the weather is bad today, only 10°C!

For our last dinner in Canada we decide to go back to the "Five Fishermen" and both have an amazing filet mignon covered with blue crab meat.

We share a blueberry lime cheesecake. Dinner is fabulous!

Then we walk around a bit and go back to the hotel to watch some TV. We watch an episode of Speed where American classic cars are auctioned (by Barret-Jackson). It is so frustrating to see such beautiful cars sold at such low price... between 22000 and 40000 USD for a nice Corvette Stingray (in Belgium you pay much more)...

Patrick goes to sleep with a feeling of frustration after watching this!

Breakfast @ Cora's @ The Public Garden Dinner @ The Five Fishermen One desert for the two of us... And it was very good!