Padinago's trip to Canada in 2012

Day 21 - A walk in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Today we have breakfast at the Bluenose II, which is advised to us by the concierge, and have again the nice buttermilk pancakes, although with ordinary syrup and not with maple syrup.

We then go back to the hotel, ask for our car and drive to the Halifax Shopping Center to do some shopping.

The weather is fantastic so by noon we are back in the city and walk around at the waterfront. It is very nice and cozy here.

We spend the whole day here and once in a while we rest on a bench and enjoy the music from local artists which earn some extra money by playing here on the streets.

We see a restaurant that looks nice, the "Bicycle Thief" and book for tonight.

We walk back and have a look at the Citadel. Maybe we will come back here tomorrow as it is already closed now.

We go back to the hotel, get a shower and walk to the restaurant.

The food is good but it is extremely noisy here because of the huge number of guests. Tomorrow we will look for something more quiet.

We walk back to our hotel and go to sleep.

@ the boardwalk Dominion Public Building Georges Island the Bicycle Thief Statue of Sir Winston Churchill MacDonald Bridge Part of the Halifax Citadel National Historic Site That we needed...