Padinago's trip to Canada in 2012

Day 20 - From Moncton to Halifax, Nova Scotia

Today we only take a coffee from the free hot breakfast and check out.

We first drive to Zellers and get some fresh fruit which we eat a bit later when we stop for fuel. We drive on and a bit further we pay toll, which is 4 CAD.

We drive to Halifax but take the exit to Peggy's Cove and St Margaret's Bay to see the famous lighthouse. It is beautiful here!

We walk around and have many pictures and then have a drink in the local pub. The drinks are not good but the chocolate cheesecake is yummy!

We drive on and take again lots of nice pictures. It is so beautiful and quiet here! We also visit the Memorial for the victims of the 1998 Swissair crash which happened right here.

Then we go to the hotel and check in. We get a premium room, which means that every day around 6pm someone comes with fresh towels and free water and in the morning you can get free Starbucks coffees which is welcome tomorrow morning.

Later on we ask the concierge where we can have good lobster on walking distance from the hotel and he sends us to a restaurant called "Five Fishermen". That's where we go!

In this restaurant you have to choose if you want to eat on the first or second floor. The first is casual and the second is more fancy and more of a dress code but the menu is the same.

We go for the first floor and order two frozen margaritas to start but they taste like water so they bring us two new ones. Still, they taste like water. We both order the lobster and a bottle of white Graves wine. The waiter notices that we do not drink the margaritas so he apologizes and says he will take them of the bill...

The lobster and the wine are fantastic! We also share one desert, a lemon cheesecake. Very nice but huge so we are happy that we only took one.

When we get the bill we, indeed, see that the margaritas are not mentioned. That is nice.

We walk around a bit and go back to the hotel, Patrick watches the MLB games on TV and then goes to sleep...

Daytrip approx. 367 km

On Prospect Rd @Peggy's Cove @ the SR 111 Memorial @ Back Cove Sorry folks...