Padinago's trip to Canada in 2012

Day 19 - Fundy National Park

Today we have breakfast in our hotel, that has large advertisements everywhere for "Free hot breakfast". That was, as we already suspected, a joke... that buffet was really nothing!

We drive to Fundy NP, we take the same road as yesterday as it is a very nice road.

After a while we arrive at the little village called Alma which is famous for their lobster...

We enter the park and go to the visitor center where we pay our fee and have a short chat with the park ranger. Bad news... the black flies are here!!! So we get our nets for the head and put on some repellant.

At the reception desk we see a huge claw of a lobster which was found here on the beach. This lobster must have been huge. We come back later today to take a picture of it.

We enter the park and see a family of marmots, we drive on a few gravel roads and hope to see some wildlife.

After driving around the entire park, which only takes us about two hours, we see some chipmunks and that's it!

We leave the park and after a short stop, to take a picture of the claw, we go to a restaurant in Alma and have a small dish with scallops and lobster for lunch. Very good! This makes up for the breakfast.

We drive back to the lighthouse of Cape Enrage. Now it is high tide so a whole different view. The difference in water level is about 15m! Here it is so flat so the water comes up with a wave of between 3 to 60 cm high.

We drive back to the hotel and walk through main street, it is now 27°C but fortunately there is some wind. We go to have a look at "Zellers" which is a huge supermarket. They open at 7am so tomorrow we will not have breakfast but instead, will go there to get some fresh fruit.

After our walk we go back to our hotel, get a shower and go for dinner to The Keg!

Daytrip approx. 262 km

@ Fundy NP A huge claw of a lobster which was found here on the beach Near the hotel in Moncton It tastes good!