Padinago's trip to Canada in 2012

Day 18 - From New Richmond to Moncton, New Brunswick

We check out of the hotel around 7am and will try to find a place for breakfast on our way to Moncton but without any luck.

We drive hundreds of km on the highway and only pass about 15 cars but no diner. We try to drive along the coast but also no place for breakfast.

By now we only have 1/8 of fuel in our car so we start looking for a gas station. We are now in New Brunswick which means two changes: the time and the language. Our watches need to be changed to one hour later and here they speak English (but with a very strange accent).

We see someone pulling up on his driveway so we stop and Nathalie jumps out of the car to ask him where we can get some fuel. He tells her to go to the wharf (of the port)... at least, Nathalie thinks that is what he said because his English sounded very strange...

We drive just a few km further to the port of "Baie Ste-Anne" but where is the gas station? Patrick asks a man sitting in his car and yes, at the wharf a bit further. Indeed, his English is hard to understand.

We get some fuel at the wharf which is also for boats and have a chat with the owners. They even tell us that if we want they can arrange for us to join a fisherman to go catch some lobster. This is very nice but we have to drive on...

We decide to take the shortest way through the highway. Here you may drive 100 or 110 km/h instead of 90 in Quebec.

After 480 km we reach our next hotel (which is in Moncton) and check in. They are still renovating it and we get a very nice room.

We have not eaten yet, except for some cookies in the car, so we go and look for a restaurant. Just behind our hotel we see something familiar... "The Keg", our favorite restaurant in Canada! Without hesitating we go there and have something small for lunch.

A bit later we are back in our car and drive to "Hopewell Rocks", about 40 minutes from our hotel. These are eroded mud columns in the "Chocolate River" which remind us of the Valley of the Goblins in the USA. We go for a walk and we are lucky as it is low tide and that is the only time you can see them and walk around them.

As it is still early, we then drive on for about 40 minutes to the lighthouse at Cap Enrage. On our way we pass a very nice covered bridge and stop for some pictures.

We just arrive at Cap Enragé when a ranger is closing the gate. The nice man comes to us for a nice chat and tells us we are allowed to leave our car here and enter next to the gate in order to take pictures. It is only closed for guided tours.

After a while we say goodbye to this very nice man. Later on we leave again with our car and see suddenly, in the middle of the road, right in front of us, two birds eating from a road kill, it was a raccoon. These are two vultures! They fly away but not far so we can take some nice pictures.

We drive back to the hotel, have a shower and go for dinner to The Keg where we have a very good salmon. Then we go to sleep...

Daytrip approx. 640 km

A beaver pond near Kouchibouguac NP @ Beaver dam @ The Chocolate River in The Rocks Provincial Park @ The Rocks Provincial Park @ the Sawmill Creek Bridge near Riverside-Albert Near the road to Cape Enrage Lighthouse @ Cape Enrage Lighthouse A vulture near the road to Cape Enrage Lighthouse