Padinago's trip to Canada in 2012

Day 17 - From Percé to New Richmond, Québec

This morning we wake up around 6.30am but are still in bed resting a bit when suddenly around 7.15am someone tries to enter in our room. Luckily the door is locked. Patrick goes to check and sees the manager walking away towards his office. What is going on?

We get ready very fast and go for breakfast in the hotel's diner but first we stop at the office to confront the manager with what happened. He is a bit uncomfortable with this and tells us that it was indeed him and that he was mistaken with the room numbers. He had to be in room 13 and we were in room 15. He apologizes a few times and then we go to get our breakfast.

Today we have the best "pain doré" ever! It is fabulous!

We check out of the hotel and drive to New Richmond. We drive along the coast and see again beautiful houses with huge pieces of land surrounding it.

After driving about 160km we reach our next hotel and check in. We leave our luggage in our room and drive around to discover the area as tomorrow, due to the lack of time, we will only drive through it.

We see a lighthouse and try to drive to it so we can take pictures. At Point-à-la-Croix we take the bridge to Campelton in New Brunswick but drive through it. We will stop here when we drive back later today.

We drive on to Dalhousie and there we try to find Rock arch. We do not find a road leading to it, only private properties and we do not want to be trespassing.

Suddenly a car comes to us with two friendly ladies in it and ask Patrick if they could help him as he looked lost. He tells them we are looking for the arch but does not want to go on private property. One of the ladies tells him that it is her property and that we are allowed to go there. She even suggests we follow her with our car and we do so.

We park our car in front of her beautiful house and walk to the water. It is high water and you cannot see the arch now.

We talk a bit with the two ladies and are invited to visit the house which they completely renovated. One of them is living here with her family and has a kind of B&B on the property, especially for children from all over the world, it is kind of an art school and the other is her cousin visiting her from Toronto.

After a while and having received a nice tour on her property we take some pictures, exchange e-mails and say goodbye, it feels like we already know them for many years... It is so beautiful here...this family lives in paradise!

We drive back and stop at several places where there is a lighthouse. On our drive back we stop at Campelton for a short walk, some pictures and enjoying the nice sun. We also go to their visitor center to get some information about Fundy NP.

Once we are back in our hotel, we have a shower and have dinner at the hotel's restaurant. We both take a filet mignon (from the Gaspesie area) which is fabulous, great taste and very tender. Really recommendable!

We go to sleep and tomorrow we will check out early without having breakfast and we will find something on our way in order to win some time.

Daytrip approx. 410 km

@ Port Daniel Near the Quai de Bonaventure Lighthouse in Dalhousie @ Campbellton Lighthouse @ Banc de Carleton No comment...