Padinago's trip to Canada in 2012

Day 16 - Percé, Québec

Today a quiet but nice day, the sun is shining again.

After an early breakfast in the hotel we drive along the coast back to NP Forillon. First the south entrance and then to the place where we saw, a few days ago, the beaver (but this time we do not see him), then we drive to the north entrance.

This time it is more crowded than before (it's a Saturday) so we leave the park.

We take every little road leading to the coast in order to see the nice little places. We see about 4 blue fin whales but they are far away (they can be recognized by the high sprout and they do not show their tail when diving).

Around 3.30pm we are back in Percé and walk around a little bit. Then back to the hotel for a shower.

Around 6pm we go again to the same restaurant to eat lobster but this time we have to go downstairs in the pub as the restaurant was rent for a private party. The lobster was a bit less than in the restaurant but still very good compared to Belgian standards.

A few hours later we are already sleeping...

Daytrip approx. 285 km

Should I order lobster again tonight? Hey, leave me alone! A dragonfly A beaver lodge Indian head @ Camping Tête d'Indien Fishing seagull Gannets diving for food I couldn't resist...