Padinago's trip to Canada in 2012

Day 14 - From St-anne-des-monts to Percé, Québec and Forillon NP

Today we have our last breakfast in the Gite and leave for Percé. We first get some fuel in Sainte-Anne-des-Monts and leave.

It is beautiful weather today so we put the polarization filters on our lenses.

The entire coast is amazing! We stop at every lighthouse we encounter and take pictures.

We arrive at the NP de Forillon and first we take the northern entrance. Nathalie immediately sees a seal on a rock who is willing to let us take some pictures.

When we drive on we see two young girls standing next to the road. Apparently they saw a bear and we also see him and stop to take pictures. The girls ask us if we can give them a lift until we pass the bear. Of course that is fine for us because such a young bear can cause problems as the mother must also be somewhere close by. We drive on with the girls and the bear crosses the road, we see that he is really scared so we leave him alone.

We arrive at a viewpoint and there the girls leave us and go hiking, they thank us and we wish them a nice and safe walk!

It is really beautiful here and we take our time to get some pictures from us with the aid of our tripod, we also see a cormorant's nest on the cliffs.

We then drive back, we see an older couple on a bike close to where we saw the bear so we warn them to be careful as we just spotted the bear.

We then take the south entrance. We see a beaver construction in a pond and there we see the beaver! Just before we reach the south entrance we see a fox walking on the road and get some nice pictures of him.

We arrive at the end of the path and get out. We hear the sprout of a whale. Here this can only be from one particular whale... the blue fin whale! Yes!

A bit later we see another seal.

We drive on towards Percé and the views are breathtaking. Just before arriving in Percé we drive down the mountain and behind the curb we suddenly get an amazing view of the famous "Rocher Percé".

We arrive at our hotel, check in and immediately book a trip to "Isle de Bonaventure" for tomorrow.

We get a fantastic room with view on the "Rocher Percé". We also see the Isle de Bonaventure from where the birds "fou de Bassan" (Jan van Gent) dive into the water to catch some fishes. Beautiful!

We inform at the front desk where we can eat good lobster and they send us to the restaurant "Maison du Pêcheur" which Nathalie also found on the internet while preparing for this trip at home.

We walk to the restaurant and we each have a fantastic lobster and great wine!!! We waited for this the whole trip, this is the perfect area for eating lobster. We immediately book a table for tomorrow evening.

After dinner we walk back to the hotel and go to sleep and dream of the island we will visit tomorrow...

Daytrip approx. 381 km

The coastal route Fall near La Martre Phare de La Martre Lighthouse near Anse de la Rivière Madeleine Swallowhouses near Anse de la Rivière Madeleine Grande Vallée Phare de Cap-des-Rosiers Seal near Le Havre in Forillon NP Little black bear in Forillon NP Nesting cormorants Des bons amis @ Cap Bon-Ami A beaver lodge And there is the beaver... Beautiful fox running on a lawn Rocher Percé Our first lobster this trip...