Padinago's trip to Canada in 2012

Day 13 - Parc National de la Gaspésie

After the breakfast buffet in the hotel which was very good, we drive back to Sainte Anne-des-Monts (it is the only place in the area) to get some fuel and some groceries.

Then we drive back to the hotel and there we take a secondary road to the summit and hopefully we will see some caribous.

It is supposed to be 45 km but it is all gravel and nobody else to see so after about 10km we decide it is safer to turn back.

We drive to the south of the park all the way to the other side but when we are about 8km from the hotel we suddenly see, just when we gave up all hope, right next to the road, a beautiful big moose!

We drive very slow and come closer until we have a nice view. We are alone but the moose isn't... there is a baby with her! Fantastic! We take lots of pictures and when another car arrives behind us we make some signals that they should slow down. They stop and also take pictures.

Everybody stays in the car in order not to disturb the mother with her baby. Then another car arrives, again we warn them to slow down and we drive on so they can have our spot to enjoy this nice view.

We continue and on our way we see a falcon and we take some nice pictures of him.

A bit later we arrive in New Richmond! We have a small picnic in the car because of the mosquito's and drive back. The road from coast to coast is about 150km.

We now drive only 70km/h where we are allowed to drive 90 as nobody is behind us so we can enjoy the views and hopefully see some animals again. Unfortunately nothing else to see except for a ruffed grouse but we do get some rain.

We decide to go to the visitor center and there we meet the French girl with her family who we have meet on the ferry a few days ago. We talk and tell stories from what we saw and leave again.

We go to the hotel and walk to the river just next to it but no animals, only a bit of rain so we go to the hotel and have something to drink. It goes on raining until after dinner and when we go to sleep it stops. We will see tomorrow...

Daytrip approx. 332 km

@ Cap-Seize Finally! 1 falkon A ruffed grouse