Padinago's trip to Canada in 2012

Day 12 - From Tadoussac to St-anne-des-monts, Québec

After our early breakfast we check out, get some fuel and drive to Les Escoumins to get the ferry to Trois Pistoles.

When we arrive, just a few cars were already before us and a friendly man checks our reservation.

While waiting for the ferry we see from the shore, 2 mink whales. There is also a girl with a binocular watching the whales so each time we see one we tell her where to look. We start talking with her and she is from France but working in Montreal. Her mother and niece are visiting and now they are touring together for a few days.

Once the ferry arrived we see why there are so few cars, the ferry is quite small so we are thinking that in high touristic season one should book well in advance!

Once on board we leave the car and sit outside at the back of the boat out of the wind and try to spot some more whales. During the 1,5hrs trip we see 2 mink whales and 2 beluga's from a far distance.

The girl gives us her e-mail address so we can send here some pictures.

Once we arrive we continue our journey driving by the coast, it is full of mosquito's here. We go to NP du Bic but we leave very quickly as it is full of thousands of mosquito's, we do not want to leave the car! So we drive on...

We pass some beautiful houses at the seaside and stop very often for pictures. When we arrive at the parc La Gaspésie we will have to look out for our gite as we are not sure of its location.

Patrick thinks it is in the middle of the park and hopes he is right otherwise we will have to search for it. Fortunately it is right where he thought it would be. It is a fantastic location in the middle of the woods and nothing else around it except for woods, mountains and a river.

We check in and leave our luggage in our huge room and drive into the park. We hope to see some moose as the lady at the front desk said that a few days ago they saw one just in front of the hotel. But what we see of animals today... Nothing!

We drive back to the hotel, get a shower and have dinner in the hotel's restaurant where the food is prepared from people from the hotel school. Fantastic food!

After dinner we decide to drive again around in the park and hope to see a moose as it is getting dark and quite now so between 8.30 and 9pm we drive again through the woods for about 35kms hoping to see a moose, which are supposed to be a lot here. Nothing.

We go back and go to bed...

Daytrip approx. 410 km

@ Les Escoumins waiting for the ferry From the ferry you can see the whales (minke whale) A cormorant Trois Pistoles @ Parc National du Bic @ Point au Naufrage @ Baie des Capucins @ Parc National de la Gasésie (near our Gîte) Our Gîte