Padinago's trip to Canada in 2012

Day 10 - Boat tour on the Saint Lawrence River, Québec

Today we have breakfast in the hotel (buffet) and it is OK. Then we go immediately to the front desk to book a boat tour to see whales. We book the cruise of 1.30pm (for 3 hours). Then we walk to the ferry (which is free of charge), crossing the St Lawrence river, just in front of the fjord, where we see a mink-whale.

We stayed on the ferry during four trajects but did not see a lot and it was extremely cold and foggy.

We walk back to the hotel, following the path over the mountain but at a certain point we get a bit lost but finally make it back to the hotel around noon and get ready for our cruise to the whales.

We walk to the port to get the boat, the weather is now beautiful with a blue sky and lots of sun but we have no luck, the boat is full of teenagers on a school trip.

On the boat tour we see a mink whale and some beluga's but still far away. At last we see a humpback and he shows us his tail so we can take nice pictures.

By 4.30pm we are back and walk to the hotel and have something to drink and a nice soup as it got quite cold on the boat because of the wind.

We go to the room to have a shower and then dinner in the hotel's restaurant, again it was nice.

After dinner we get to talk with the concierge who tells us nice stories about the area and the best places to see whales. We will check these places out tomorrow. But now we go to sleep...

Daytrip approx. 55 km

On the ferry Life is hard... Beluga whales from the boat Minke whale Humpback whale ... and his tale It was a good day Time to relax on the lawn of our hotel