Padinago's trip to Canada in 2012

Day 9 - From Québec City to Tadoussac, Québec

Today we leave early and drive towards Saguenay. On our way we find a small local diner called 'Chez Guylaine' in Chicoutimi and have breakfast there.

When we arrive in Tadoussac we first check in at the hotel and then go for a drive to spot some whales from the shore.

We drive on several gravel roads leading to the coast in order to see something. We then drive up a mountain to see them from a bit higher. There we meet a couple who show us in a far distance whales but we could not see it very well. They tell us that his morning they saw whales while they were on the free Ferry to Tadoussac.

We drive back down and to a boardwalk where you can take the boats to see the whales very closely.

There Nathalie sees some beluga's! Nice but still far away. We see the white backs coming out of the water a few times.

As there is a lot of wind it is quite cold so we decide to return to the hotel, have something hot to drink, have a shower and dinner. We book a table in the hotel's restaurant for 8.30 pm so we have enough time to get ready.

When we go to the restaurant they keep us waiting quite some time so we slowly got a bit irritated. The woman showing people to their table is not friendly. Finally we are shown to our table and except for the main course which is served at the table, all the other dishes are buffet. It was good food.

After the dinner we inform at the reception in order to book a boat trip tomorrow. The only thing that young man could answer us was "euh... I think so..." not really convincing so we decide to come back tomorrow morning when the people from the boat tours are there so they can inform us...

We go back to our room with some disappointment as they say that Tadoussac is THE place to see whales from very close and from the shore but we did not see them so well...hopefully better tomorrow!

Daytrip approx. 440 km

Whale watching Padinago style Beluga whale Looking for whales The free ferry We hope they see the whales! Our hotel