Padinago's trip to Canada in 2012

Day 8 - A walk in Québec City

Today we sleep a bit longer and have a small breakfast at the Starbucks.

Then we walk to the Vieux Port and the picturesque neighborhood around it. Just when we have a little rest on a bench it starts to rain but we are under a large tree so we do not get wet and still enjoy the nice temperature.

Around noon we have lunch in a restaurant called 'Cache' where we have bison burgers, very good.

The weather is sunny so we eat outside. The city is full of stairs going up and down. We walk around and see the Christmas Shop where we buy some little decorations for our tree.

We have a drink at Starbucks. While walking around we see a restaurant called 'Aux Anciens Canadiens' which has a nice menu so we book for tonight.

We go back to our hotel and have a nice shower and a little rest.

Around 7pm we are at that restaurant and it is a good choice, Patrick has salmon and Nathalie the duck with maple syrup, it is fabulous! If only we had found this the first evening than we probably had dinner there for three evenings in a row!

The waitress advises us the Maple Syrup Pie as a desert so we decide to share one. This desert deserves our extra attention, it is served with a non-sweated whipped cream and it is one of the best deserts ever! We buy their little book of recipes so we can try to make this at home…

We walk back to the hotel after a little walk around the Château Frontenac and then go to sleep.

Health & Welfare Building, Quebec City Parc de la Cetière Fresco Wall Art in Quebec City Fresco painting in Rue du Petit Champlain 'Aux Anciens Canadiens' is a great restaurant!