Padinago's trip to Canada in 2012

Day 7 - A drive in Québec City

Today we have breakfast in our hotel (buffet) but it is really basic so tomorrow we will look for something else.

We ask for our car (valet parking) and drive to the Montmorency Falls which are 1,5 times higher than the Niagara Falls. We take the funicular to the top of the falls and take some nice pictures. Once on top we walk to the bridge over the falls and on the other side there is a nice viewpoint of the falls (Montmorency Falls Vista Point). You can also walk all the way down to the falls but we do not go as you get very wet and we have our photography material with us.

We walk on and arrive in one of the nicest and fanciest neighborhoods we ever saw. Wow! People are not poor here.

We walk back and have a small lunch at 'Le Manoir' (close to the falls) but the dishes are so big, it looked like it was for four persons. We did not eat everything!

Later we drive over a bridge to Saint-Pierre-de-l'Île-d'Orléans and drive around on the island. Here you see lots of wide plains of agriculture. When at a certain moment we stop to take a picture, a raccoon crosses the road so we can take a picture of him.

We drive on, get some fuel and leave the island. We arrive at a Fauna Reserve but we have to leave the car there and everything has to be seen by foot and there are so much mosquitos so we decide not to visit it.

We drive to Mont Sainte Anne but there is not a lot to see. We drive back to Quebec and go back to our hotel where in the meantime we got our nice new and large room.

We leave our car and walk around the Citadel and the small streets. We see a restaurant 'La Crémaillère' and the menu looks nice, then we notice that it is one of the places where our hotel gives us 15% reduction. We book a table for tonight.

We walk back to our hotel and have a nice shower in our fantastic shower cabin with massage sprinklers. That felt great!

We walk to the restaurant and decide to try the menu 'table d'hôtes'. The personnel is very nice and the food is great but too much.

A few hours later we walk back to the hotel for a good night's rest.

Daytrip approx. 185 km

Going to the falls Montmorency Falls and Vista Point @ the top @ the suspension bridge above the falls Almost @ the Vista Point A nice view over Quebéc We have a small lunch Yes, 'they' called it a small lunch! The bridge to Saint-Pierre-de-l'Île-d'Orléans A raccoon crossing the street Fairmont Le Château Frontenac