Padinago's trip to Canada in 2012

Day 6 - From Saint-Alexis-Des-Monts to Québec City, Québec and Jacques Cartier NP

Today it was possible to have breakfast at 7am as there were more guests which is good for us as 8am would be too late. The buffet was great!

Around 8.30am we leave and drive towards the city of Quebec but first we will go to Jacques Cartier NP for a last attempt to see a moose.

The surroundings are ideal for them and just yesterday they saw two of them in the park. The road in the park is very narrow, for about 33km it is just large enough for one car but it is a two-way road. Fortunately for us on our way up we did not cross one car and on our way back just one. Not easy when on one side of your car there is an abyss straight into the water...

But, except for one cute porcupine we did not spot any animal, nothing! Taking pictures of the nature was also difficult as we have some rain and lots of mosquitos and apparently also those tiny black flies (which we already know from our trip in 2009) as we crossed a lady and one of her eyes was completely closed and the other one was almost completely because of a bite. We leave the park frustrated and drive to Quebec.

We check in at our hotel and a valet parks our car. We go to check our room and there we are surprised. This must be the smallest room we ever saw. We are not happy with this for three nights and go to the reception. They will give us a larger room but only as from tomorrow so one night we have to spend in that small room as the hotel is full. Of course we accept and this without additional charge and they will move our luggage, we only have to make sure that everything is packed when leaving the room tomorrow morning...

We leave to see the city, there is a lot of wind. Apparently our hotel is just behind the beautiful Château Frontenac!

After a nice walk we have dinner in a restaurant called 'Le Cavour', the waiters are very strange asking us many questions. The food was ok but not to go back again.

Once we are back at the hotel we go to sleep and hope not to fall out of that small bed or hit each other while turning or even getting up at the same time to use the bathroom could be a problem as we cannot cross each other in the room because it is so small. Sounds promising!

Daytrip approx. 350 km

@ Jacques Cartier NP Porcupine Narrow 2-way road for about 33 km! Where are the moose? They bite! Château Frontenac La Citadelle de Quebec Gate to the city