Padinago's trip to Canada in 2012

Day 5 - NP La Mauricie

Around 7.45am we leave for the National Park “La Mauricie”.

On our way we buy some stuff for our picnic. While driving we see, two cars in front of us, suddenly a deer crossing the road. Luckily it is not right in front of us!

Just before driving into the park Nathalie sees a sign mentioning that the next gas station is 75 km ahead so we decide to return to the village we just passed and get some fuel first.

At the visitor center we get some information and pay the entrance fee. After about 15 minutes Nathalie suddenly sees a big black bear crossing the road. We are just too late to take a good picture. He looks at us and disappears in the woods.

We also see a deer with her little 'bambi' walking next to the road but what we really hoped to see in these woods, as it is the place for them, was a moose...but in vain!

After driving in the park for almost 6 hours we did not see one moose. We did see a beaver in a pond.

When driving back we see some ruffed grouse and one of them even put up his feathers.

We get back to the hotel around 6pm, take a shower and have again a very nice dinner at the hotel's restaurant. It was a nice day with beautiful weather.

Daytrip approx. 333 km

View from our room A black bear A beaver Where's the beaver? The beaver lodge Run Forrest, run! Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly A big dragonfly Most likely this is the only moose we'll see... A ruffed grouse The backside of our hotel