Padinago's trip to the USA and Canada in 2011

Day 20 - Grand Teton National Park

Today we have our breakfast at the restaurant where we had dinner last night. A good choice!

We take the Moose Wilson Road (a short cut) and drive to the park. On this road we see a pole with on top of it a nest with two young ospreys. They wait patiently for their parents to bring them food.

A bit further we stop and hope to see a moose. This is moose country and to see one would be a nice closure of this holiday. Unfortunately we do not see a moose but Patrick sees a very small frog. He puts him on his hand and we take a picture.

The area is really beautiful. When we get to Jackson Lake Dam a fisher proudly shows us what he caught. A bit further we see a pelican swimming in the lake.

After driving around and enjoying the nature we drive to Jackson Hole and walk around in this town. We enter a shop with lots of stuffed animals and see a moose's head and take a picture, at least we saw this... In the middle of this shop stands a huge stuffed grizzly straight up which is for sale for 25000 USD!

We go for a drink in the Saddle Rock Family Saloon where the barstools are replaced by horse saddles. In the display cases you see historical material, a nice bar!

We drive back and take the same short cut and stop a lot to look around. At a small pond (later on we noticed that it was a beaver dam) we see some people looking around. We get out of the car and have a chat with them. We ask if they already saw a moose but they didn't. Meanwhile we see in the pond a beaver swimming around. Apparently this pond is the beaver's floodplain.

As we drive on Lucien makes us stop! He saw a moose! Nobody in the car believes him as we already gave up all hope but indeed... there stands a beautiful big moose in the water and at the back in the bushes there is a young one but the mother stands in front of it.

Some people see us so they stop and ask what we saw. We carefully show them the moose and everybody is excited.

After a while, the mother joins her baby in the bushes so we drive on. Patrick suddenly notices a falcon on the fence of a meadow. He tries to take some pictures. He silently waives to Nathalie but she has spotted something much more interesting at the other side of the road... they just brought in a herd of horses and they are running into the meadow. As you can see from Nathalie's face she likes this much more than the falcon!

We drive back to the hotel and are so happy that we finally saw a moose!

Daytrip approx. 169 km

Ospreys Little frog A White pelican A shop in Jackson Hole A Beaver near the Moose Wilson Rd A moose near Moose Wilson Rd Horses near the Granite Canyon Entrance Station A falcon near the Granite Canyon Entrance Station And she loves it!