Padinago's trip to the USA and Canada in 2011

Day 11 - From Banff to Kalispell, Montana and Kootenay NP

We have a long trip today as we will cross the border back to the USA and drive to Kalispell in Montana. We agree to leave at 7.30am and have breakfast in "Radium Hot Springs" where we stopped two years ago for lunch at the "Melting Pot".

We leave Banff NP and drive through Kootenay National Park. A beautiful route and on our way we see a herd of mountain goats so we stop to observe these beautiful animals and take some pictures.
As we almost reach Radium Hot Springs we see a road sign saying that the next 15km we must be aware for bears! There are not a lot of cars on the road so we drive slower in order to see bears. Unfortunately it is useless! We drive through an opening between the gigantic cliff and arrive at the Melting Pot for our lunch.
After lunch we decide to drive back the last 15km and hopefully see some bears this time so we return and drive back into the park and about 12km further on we see a ranger on the road and a bit in front of him a huge grizzly! The ranger indicates that we can park across the road and take pictures from there. That's what we do, what a beautiful grizzly and so close!

After half an hour the grizzly left so we drive to the USA. We are all so happy that we returned on that road and saw the grizzly.

A bit after Radium Hot Springs we see some Bighorns on the road, you always have to be careful while driving as there is wildlife everywhere.

We cross the border and it starts to rain. We drive on and around 4pm we see the sign 'Glacier International Airport'. We follow that sign and once we reach the airport PaNa goes inside to look for the Alamo office. There we arrange everything in order to get a new spare tire. We drive to Kalispell and stop at the Tire-Rama where they put a new tire on our felly. This is all covered by our insurance so we do not have to pay anything. Fortunately!

It is already 6pm when we arrive at our hotel. An hour later we are ready to go for dinner at "Nickel Charlie", a typical cowboy restaurant, a place Sofie had found at home on the internet. It seems to be a very good choice as the food is great...

Daytrip approx. 534 km

Mountain goats Grizzly near the road to Radium Hot Springs The camera belongs to the ranger Yes, the Suburban is a huge car! Sorry guys, could you tell me the way to... Near Radium Hot Springs @ the Tire-Rama