Padinago's trip to the USA and Canada in 2011

Day 9 - Icefield Parkway

Today we have breakfast at Coyotes in Banff. It is ok but not to be repeated.

An hour later we leave and drive to Johnson's Lake where 2 years ago we did not drive far enough and now we take the "Lake Minnewanka Scenic Drive" where we see some Elks. Through the "Bow Valley Parkway" we drive to the "Icefield Parkway" where we were in 2009 and where it was so beautiful. When we just drive on the "Bow Valley Parkway" we see some Bighorns climbing on the rocks and a bit further a Bighorn is coming our way and is joining his family. Further on we see again some Bighorns and we can take nice pictures. We even see a glimpse of a black bear but we can not take pictures.

We stop at several places on the "Icefield Parkway" to take some pictures and just before "Bow Lake" we see a black bear next to the road. We take pictures but we hear some crying and look what it is. We see that there are 2 cubs a bit further in a tree calling their mother. Nice!
We drive on to the "Saskatchewan River Crossing" where we take some fuel and turn back to have a picnic a bit further on.

Just as 2 years ago we stop at "Mistaya Canyon" and make a short but steep hike. At the "Waterfowl Lakes" we take some family pictures and just before the exit to "Peyto Lake" we see in a distance a large black bear walking around. We call and he turns around so we can take a nice picture.
"Peyto Lake" is a must see so we walk again to the viewpoint and see "Peyto Lake" with its beautiful blue colour.

We get back to "Bow Lake" where in the morning we saw the mother bear with her 2 cubs in the tree. Now we are more lucky and the little ones are playing in the grass. Cute but while playing we notice that the little cubs already have large claws...

Around 7pm we arrive at the hotel and a bit later we have dinner at "Ricky's" where the food is very good and not expensive! This restaurant was also recommended to us by the girl at our hotel's front desk.

Daytrip approx. 321 km

Banff A marmot Little deer near the road Bighorn sheep @ Bow Valley Parkway @ Bow River Mother bear watching the tourists near the parkway between Hector Lake and Bow Lake And her two cubs in the tree... @ Saskatchewan River Crossing @ Waterfowl Lakes @ Peyto Lake @ Bow Lake The mother bear and her two cubs from this morning! Cute...