Padinago's trip to the USA and Canada in 2011

Day 7 - From Bellingham to Vernon, British Columbia

Today we have self made waffles for breakfast and a bit later we check out of the hotel and are on our way to Canada.

At the border between Sumas (WA) and Huntingdon (BC) we have to get out of the car to have our passports checked and our nice fresh apples have to be thrown away (we are closely watched to be sure that we do what they want). Apparently there is a kind of apple disease in the USA and they do not want to get this disease in Canada.

Around the town of Hope suddenly there flies a Golden Eagle right in front of our car just above our hood. That was nice!

At "Box Canyon" we notice, in the grass next to the highway, our first black bear and five minutes later another one. Unfortunately we cannot stop here to take pictures.

We get some fog but pass it quickly and around 1pm we stop next to the highway to have a picnic.
After half an hour we leave and suddenly we get a bit of snow but not for long.

Around 3pm we arrive in Vernon and check in at our hotel. We ask at the front desk if they know a good restaurant for dinner tonight. They give us the address of the "Phoenix Steakhouse". We drive into town, which seems quite large and difficult to orientate, and look for the steakhouse. It gets so hot here that we look for a nice terrace to cool down. Nathalie sees the steakhouse and we check out the menu. It looks good so we book a table for tonight.

We go back to the hotel to have a shower and afterwards go for a nice dinner to the steakhouse (where apparently we are the only guests) and afterwards we go to bed...

Daytrip approx. 449 km

the border between Sumas (WA) and Huntingdon (BC) Picnic near the Okanagan Hwy Howdy folks! The streets @ Vernon