Padinago's trip to the USA and Canada in 2011

Day 6 - North Cascades National Park

Around 7am we look where we can have breakfast, which was included in our hotel. It is just around the corner and it appears to be a very good buffet where you can make your own pancakes.

A bit later we leave for the "North Cascades NP". When we enter the village "Sedro-Wolley" Patrick slows down and drives on a parking lot. We stand in front of "Mike & Son Auto Sales" and there we see some beautiful "Classic Cars" on the parking lot. We take a few minutes to admire the amazing American classic and muscle cars... OK, lets go...

A bit before the "North Cascades" we stop on a parking at "Sauk Mountain" to enjoy the environment. The clouds come closer and it gets dark. Fortunately the weather Gods are with us and we can keep it dry today.

We enter the national park and stop at "Gorge Creek Falls". This waterfall has already, at several occasions, changed the look of the canyon because of flash floods but luckily for us it is quiet now.

A bit further on we stop at the "Diablo Dam Spillway" and the "Diablo Lake Overlook". Everywhere you look you see beautiful rough mountains covered by snow and surrounded by fog.

Around 1pm we arrive at the "Early Winters Campground" where we have a picnic and a bit later we continue our trip to the village "Mazama". There we stop to get some fuel and then drive back to the hotel, using the same road.

On our way back we are passed by a police car with full speed and sirens on. A bit further on we see why they were so in a hurry... there is a bike in the middle of the road and next to it one is laying on the floor. There are police men, firefighters and paramedics watching the rescue workers who are looking over the balustrade. Apparently the biker has missed the turn and was thrown off his bike, straight into the canyon. Hopefully this man/woman will be fine...

At Marblemount we take the exit (over the bridge) to the "Johanesburg Glaciers" and drive into a rain forest. After about 17 km asphalt becomes gravel and we have to drive again for about 17km on gravel to see the Glaciers, we decide not to do it and turn back.

Around 6.15pm we are back at the hotel, take a shower and around 7pm we are back at the "Boston's Sports Bar" to have a nice dinner. After dinner we go for a short walk and return to our hotel to dream of the beautiful "North Cascade NP"...

Daytrip approx. 499 km

Near the North Cascades Hwy Near the Gorge Dam @ Gorge Lake @ Diablo Lake Near Diablo Lake We only shoot pictures... Frisco Mountain A Gray Jay Lucien taking the picture of the Gray Jay @ Early Winters Spires South Our picnic spot near Cassal Road @ Mazama Near Cascade River road