Padinago's trip to the USA and Canada in 2011

Day 5 - From Seattle to Bellingham, Washinhton and Mount Baker

Today we leave the big city (Seattle) and drive to Bellingham but on our way we take the exit to "Mount Baker" which, in winter, is famous as a ski slope.

Around 8am we go for breakfast to the same place as yesterday and the day before.

About an hour later we check out at the hotel and leave Seattle and drive to the north to Mount Baker. A bit later it starts to rain and we stop at the "Safeway" to get some fuel and groceries. We drive on and take the exit "Mt Baker Highway". As it is raining quite hard now, we decide to make a quick stop, have a picnic and rediscuss our strategy. Are we going to drive on in the pouring rain or drive straight to our hotel...

After the picnic the weather clears up a little so we decide to drive on to Mt Baker. We make a few stops to enjoy the area and by the time we reached the mountain top it stopped raining. Unfortunately, because of the previous rain we now have a lot of fog so we can only enjoy a bit of its beauty.

Meanwhile, some of us need to make a sanitary stop but where? We drive to the ski lift and ask a man for restrooms. He is so friendly to allow us to use the restrooms in his office. He tells us that he is from the maintenance team of the ski lift and that during the entire winter they live there and do not go home for months.

We drive back down the mountain and again it starts raining. We drive straight to our hotel and check in. Because of the rain this day was quite short so we decide to make a walk and end up at the "Boston's Sports Bar" where we have a drink. A bit later we visit the local mall and decide to go back to the Sports Bar for our dinner as there is not a lot in the area...

A short walk after dinner and then we go to bed early...

Daytrip approx. 313 km

Near Mt Baker Hwy Near Highwood Lake Near Picture Lake Near Sunrise Lake, stairs to... Our hotel Dinner @ Boston's Sports Bar