Padinago's trip to the USA in 2010

Day 14 - Bryce Canyon NP

We have breakfast at the “Ruby’s Inn” where the food was good. We had the intention to have our breakfast at the “Best Western” (the newest hotel there) but it was not allowed as we did not stay in this hotel...

We stayed the whole day in Bryce Canyon National Park! A real must for people loving the beauty of nature! Today is somewhat cloudy but we did not have any rain apart of some drops. Temperature is not to be compared with the previous weeks as it is now only 8°C.

We drive to all the viewpoints and make some beautiful walks. Especially the walk to “Sunset Point” and “Thor’s Hammer” are amazing. Beautiful views but quite windy.

In the park you see lots of pronghorns and in the meadows you can see prairie dogs.

At the end of the day we stop by the Visitor Center and make some pictures at the “Park Sign”. Then we go back to the hotel for a nice hot shower and a bit later we have our dinner at the “Ruby’s Inn”.

LuSo goes to sleep and PaNa drive to “Sunset Point” to take pictures of the sunset. We are unlucky! Yesterday was a perfect evening to enjoy the sunset and take some pictures, but at that moment we were having dinner after a long day. Today it is cloudy so we do not have the real sunset pictures but we still were able to take some nice pictures. We drive back to the hotel for a good night’s rest...

Daytrip approx. 85 km

Bryce Canyon National Park @ Lodge Trail @ Inspiration Point Help I'm attacked by an... ant @ Rim Trail @ Inspiration Point @ Bryce Point Agua Canyon Isn't she lovely... @ Sunset Point Sunset @ Sunset Point