Padinago's trip to the USA in 2010

Day 11 - Arches NP, Dead Horse Point SP and Canyonlands NP

Today we will be visiting two big parks. In the morning we will visit “Arches National Park” and in the afternoon “Canyonlands National Park”.

It is 7.30am and we will first look for a place to have breakfast. We find the “Pancake Haus”. It was impossible to understand the waiter but we got what we wanted and it was very good.

We drive to “Arches NP” where this year there is a lot more people than two years ago. At the “Windows” we take lots of pictures from the arches for which we even have to lay down on our backs to shoot them. All the beautiful stops are done and even the walk to “Delicate Arch Viewpoint” which we have been looking forward to. This time we have better photo equipment and walk a bit further and can take some beautiful pictures of the arch by using the tripod.

At “Sand Dune Arch” we are a bit disappointed. Under the arch a family was installed and did not worry about the tourists who came there to shoot some nice pictures with this family on it…

En route we have some biscuits in the car as we did not find any place to have lunch and around 2 pm we leave the park and drive to “Dead Horse Point State Park” where it is full of mosquitoes which leaves Nathalie half-eaten by – to use her words – rotten animals!

Then we drive to “Canyonlands NP” where again we have a lot of mosquitoes. Apart of this Nemesis it is beautiful! PaNa walk, just like two years ago, to “Mesa Arch” where again there are more visitors as in 2008. We have to wait a bit before having the arch to ourselves.

Around 6pm we drive back to our hotel and have dinner at the “Moab Brewery”. As LuSo forgot to remove their ‘do not disturb’ card in the morning, their room was not cleaned. No problem, we enjoy a good night’s rest.

Daytrip approx. 276 km

@ La Sal Mountains Viewpoint in Arches NP The Windows Section A Yellow Headed Collared Lizard @ Delicat Arch Viewpoint Delicat Arch Landscape Arch Area LuSo near Sand Dune Arch Dead Horse Point State Park The Green River Green River Overlook @ Canyonlands National Park Grand View Point Overlook @ Buck Canyon Overlook Mesa Arch Near Mesa Arch Mesa Arch Canyonlands National Park