Padinago's trip to the USA in 2010

Day 9 - Canyon de Chelly National Monument

We have breakfast at our hotel’s diner (which seems to be a good choice) and around 7.20am we drive towards “Canyon de Chelly National Monument” which we will reach after two and a half hours.

We enter the visitor center and ask how we best start our canyon trip. A ranger advises us to start in the morning with the “North Rim Drive” and do the “South Rim Drive” in the afternoon in order to have the sun at the right spot… So, we follow his advice and leave to the north to the different “overlooks”. A beautiful canyon, you can judge yourself by looking at the pictures!

Around noon we are back at the visitor center where next to it we spot a small picnic area with some shade which we will use as we are getting hungry. After a short hour we start the southern tour towards the “overlooks” of the canyon. It is now extremely hot and LuSo stay more often in the car enjoying the air-conditioning. During the walks PaNa meet several times the same couple. The walk to “Spider Rock Overlook” is really worth it. Just beautiful!

Around 3pm we are back at the visitor center and after a short stop we drive back to our hotel where we arrive around 5.15pm. We take a shower and have dinner at our hotel’s diner. Again we meet that same couple and have a short chat with these English tourists. After a few more pictures of the sunset we go to bed early as tomorrow is another long day…

Daytrip approx. 422 km

Canyon de Chelly National Monument, Visitor Center @ Antelope House Overlook @ Antelope House Overlook @ Massacre Cave Overlook @ Junction Overlook @ White House Overlook Nice goat @ Spider Rock Overlook Sunset from our hotel room